Student Organization Policies: Advertising

Category: Posting and Distribution Policies School: Oakland University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: October 19, 2017

Relevant excerpt

Posting is defined as the hanging of information, advertising, etc. on any campus bulletin board, window, door, wall or other university property. Oakland University reserves the right to refuse permission to any individual or group for posting that a) would seriously impede normal university activity, b) does not follow Oakland University policies and procedures, c) would make posting particular material inappropriate, d) contains contents which are in violation of university policies and ordinances, state and federal laws and/or e) does not support the role and mission of the university. Examples of posters that would be denied posting include advertisements for events at bars/night clubs and posters containing alcohol and/or drugs.

There are six spirit rocks available for use by student organizations. They are located on the north and east end of the Oakland Center. Messages should be appropriate, tasteful and respectful of other organizations, individuals and the OU community.

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