Student Regulations, Policies, and Procedures: Policies and Procedures for Protests and Demonstration

Relevant excerpt

Oberlin College emphatically affirms the right of all its members to protest and demonstrate.

Consistent with the Faculty Statement on Social and Political Unrest that was adopted on February 27, 1968, students are encouraged to consult with the Office of the Dean of Students prior to sponsoring a demonstration, protest, or other activity where First Amendment rights are exercised, whether on or off the central campus. The purpose of such consultation is to obtain an advisory opinion as to the suitability of the planned action and as to the possible penalties that might be imposed or recommended if an unsuitable action is carried out. Such consultation may also reduce the chance that students might place themselves at risk by unknowingly violating college regulations or civil laws and regulations. The college recognizes that students may choose to participate in spontaneous demonstrations and that prior notification from students may not occur. Whether the advice of the Office of the Dean of Students has or has not been sought, students participating in a protest or demonstration should be prepared to assume the consequences of their behavior.

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