Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards – Student Handbook – Residence Life

Category: Other Speech Codes, Statement School: Statement Rating: Not Rated Last updated: October 28, 2013

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2. Residents have the right to an environment free of safety and health hazards and one that facilitates academic study. Therefore the following are prohibited in University-operated housing facilities:


F. Nothing shall be attached to, or hung from any ceiling (i.e., tapestries, posters, hammocks.)

G. Nothing shall obstruct windows such as unauthorized blinds, curtains, posters, towels or tapestries, etc.


J. Parties are prohibited. Whether a party exists or not shall be determined by the Department of Student Life and/or Public Safety. (Hosting a party may result in a temporary or permanent removal from University Housing.)


T. Tapestries banners, or flags may result in a $50-$100 fine.


V. Any other items as specified by the Director of Public Safety and the Director of Housing for the purpose of insuring residents' rights to safety.

NOTE: Certain prohibited items will be confiscated and stored until the next University break. It is up to the Dept. of Student life to use discretion in this manner. The University does not have to store any items confiscated.