Facility Use and Solicitation Policy for Registered Student Organizations and Individual OU Students

Relevant excerpt

There are several areas located on the University campus that are ideal to a Reserving Party for free speech, protests, leafleting, etc. and require no reservation or notice (unless such use also includes the placement of tables, booths, structures, large displays, vehicles, sound, audio or PA systems, or when assistance is needed from the University). Although not required, Student Affairs requests that a Reserving Party notify the University of the use of a public outdoor location at least 24 hours in advance of the activity to ensure the space can accommodate such request, to ensure that no disturbance of the University’s educational mission occurs, to ensure it is not in conflict with other prior requests for the area and so that the University can assist in reserving the requested location. Notifications may be made by calling Student Organization Services: 405-325-5471 or by email addressed to: rso@ou.edu

The decision regarding who is utilizing the space first will depend on the actual use of the space. For example, use may be determined by the timing of the actual commencement of a protest rather than a person standing in a location waiting for members of the protest group to arrive. Provided, however, where 24 hours advance notice has been given.

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