1 is 2 Many: Policy Definitions

Relevant excerpt

Examples of behavior that could be sexual harassment:

  • Unwelcomed sexual flirtation, advances or propositions of sexual activities.
  • Asking about someone else’s personal, social or sexual life or about their sexual fantasies, preferences or history.
  • Discussing one’s own personal sexual fantasies, preferences or history.
  • Repeatedly asking for a date from a person who is not interested.
  • Whistles, catcalls or insulting sounds.
  • Sexually suggestive jokes or innuendoes, or turning discussions into sexual topics.
  • Sexually offensive or degrading language used to describe an individual or remarks of a sexual nature to describe a person’s body or clothing.
  • Calling a person a “hunk,” “doll,” “babe,” “sugar,” “honey” or similar descriptive terms.
  • Displaying sexually demeaning or offensive objects and pictures.
  • Making sexual gestures with hands or body movements.
  • Rating a person’s sexuality.
  • Unwelcomed touching of a person’s body, including massaging a person.

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