People First Language

Relevant excerpt

DO say 'a person with a disability' or 'people with disabilities.'
Do NOT say 'the disabled'.

Never say: 'Victim'
Use instead: 'Person with/ Person who has/Person who experienced'

Never say: 'Cripple/Crippled/The Crippled'
Use Instead: 'Person with a disability/Person with a disability as a result of'

Never say: 'Wheelchair bound'
Use Instead: 'Wheelchair user'

Never say: 'Afflicted By/Afflicted With'
Use Instead: 'The person has'

Never say: 'Normal'
Remember -- People with disabilities are normal; they just happen to have disabilities

Never say: 'Deaf and Dumb', 'Blind as a Bat,' or other words or cliches that judge or stereotype people with disabilities.

Remember -- There are NO acceptable replacements for judgmental or stereotypic words or phrases.

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