Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct Code

Relevant excerpt

Freedom of the individual may be defined as the right to act or speak, so long as it does not adversely affect the rights of others. Believing in this concept, Pittsburg State University will protect freedom of action and freedom of speech for both students and employees, so long as it is not of an inflammatory or demeaning nature and does not interfere with the students living and study conditions, and the administration of its affairs. It shall constitute a disruptive act for any member of the University community to engage in any conduct which would substantially obstruct, interfere with or impair instruction, research, administration, authorized use of University facilities, the rights and privileges of other members of the University community, or disciplinary proceedings. Moreover, Pittsburg State University is committed to improving the quality of student life by promoting a diversified educational and cultural experience for all its students. Therefore, racist conduct or other acts of bigotry will not be tolerated. Rights and freedoms imply duties and responsibilities. Note should be taken that a student who exercises his or her rights as a private citizen whether individually or as a member of a group must assume full responsibility for his or her actions.

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