Student Handbook: Demonstrations

Relevant excerpt

Each of [the Claremont Colleges] respects the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly and supports their exercise. However, when the exercise of speech and assembly becomes disruptive or non-peaceful, and infringes upon the rights of others, threatens property or public safety, or impedes the business of the member Colleges or CUC, the individuals and CUC will act according to this policy.

Determination of when a demonstration or action is non-peaceful or disruptive may be difficult, but The Claremont Colleges individually and collectively subscribe to the general guidelines listed below.

  • Non-peaceful actions or demonstrations are those that endanger or injure, or threaten to endanger or injure, any person, or that damage or threaten to damage property.
  • Disruptive actions or demonstrations are those that restrict free movement on any of the campuses, or interfere with, or impede access to, regular activities or facilities of any of the Colleges or CUC.

If an officer or designee of an affected College or CUC informs individuals in a given area that their collective actions are judged non-peaceful or disruptive and that they should disperse, individuals remaining may be charged, on their home campus, with a violation of this policy.

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