Policy Against Sexual Harassment (04-05)

Relevant excerpt

Other types of unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature can also constitute sexual harassment, if sufficiently severe or pervasive that the target does find, and a reasonable person would find, that an intimidating, hostile or abusive work or academic environment has been created. Examples of this kind of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to, the following:

- sexual comments, teasing, or jokes;

- sexual slurs, demeaning epithets, derogatory statements, or other verbal abuse;

- graphic or sexually suggestive comments about an individual's attire or body;

- inquiries or discussions about sexual activities;

- pressure to accept social invitations, to meet privately, to date, or to have sexual relations;

- sexually suggestive letters or other written materials;

- sexual touching, brushing up against another in a sexual manner, graphic or sexually suggestive gestures, cornering, pinching, grabbing, kissing, or fondling;

- coerced sexual intercourse or sexual assault.

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