Policy on the Use of Public Facilities 05-06

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Statement Regarding Organized
Activities on Campus
As an academic institution, the University of
Maryland Baltimore welcomes the exchange of
ideas and respects the rights of our faculty,
students, and staff to free speech, regardless of
the topic. The use of our facilities, including
outdoor space, however, must fall within
appropriate guidelines, as set forth in our policy
regarding physical facilities and public meetings.
II. School Buildings
A. Use by Campus Groups
1. The dean or director will determine what areas,if any, in the building or its grounds are available for reserved use by campus groups.
2. Requests from campus groups for use of areas
will be considered and acted on by the dean or director. Use of an area will not be permitted if
the use is inconsistent with the academic mission
of the school, would interfere with academic activities, or would result in unbudgeted costs(see part IV) which the dean or director is not willing to meet from the school's budget and which the campus group is unable to pay.
III. Other Campus Facilities
A. Use by Campus Groups
1. Requests for use of these areas by campus groups
should be made by an application requiring
approval of the appropriate office as listed above.
Events will be permitted in these areas subject to
space, noise, and safety limitations, and payment
of any use fees or special costs (see part IV).

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