Peaceful Assembly Policy

Relevant excerpt

Student Forum: As applied to students, any generally accessible, open, outdoor area on campus, as well as any nonacademic and publicly open portion of a facility that the University has traditionally made available for expressive purposes. Student forums are subject to time, place and manner restrictions that are reasonable, content neutral, narrowly tailored to serve a significant governmental interest and leave open ample alternative channels for communication of the information or message.

While the University’s public areas are open to all for expressive activities, including any student forum available to enrolled students, whether planned or spontaneous, all events and gatherings on campus, whether or not scheduled in advance, must be for the purposes of carrying out lawful activities without undue disruption of the campus’ operations, and without harming or creating a threat of harm to persons or property, and in compliance with this Policy and the large Event Guidelines. Nothing in this Policy shall be construed to limit or constrain the duties and authority of the University, nor law enforcement authorities, to maintain order and protect public safety. Contact Event Coordinator if free speech assemblies are desired so that assistance can be provided in avoiding scheduling conflicts, and protecting the safety of the campus community.

Picketing: Picketing in an orderly manner in public or student forums is permitted in accordance with this Policy. Such activities should not become disruptive to University operations nor should they impede access. Picketing is not permitted inside campus buildings or other non-public areas.

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