Resident Assistant Progammer’s Checklist for Planning Diversity-Sensitive Events

Relevant excerpt

This program does not coincide with a specific religious observance that may exclude some members of the community.
This program does not reflect stereotypes or assumptions about any ethnic or political group, lifestyle preference, or gender.
The publicity does not use or depict persons by stereotypes, nor is it exclusive to one group.
The cultural traditions for this program have been well researched and accurately reflect the highlighted cultures. The agenda of the activity does not convey the message that particular groups are included because they 'have to be'. Examples include calling an Easter or Christmas party a Holiday Party while not celebrating all of the holidays that occur at that time.
This program and its publicity invite all community members to attend, not just those who are members of the topic being presented.
This program does not promote traditional heterosexual activities.
This program is accessible to community members with disabilities.
This program in its planning and agenda does not promote traditional gender roles.
Planners of this program are prepared to confront insensitive comments or gestures from participants.
This program is not centered on a religious holiday for social purposes.