Rice University General Policy No. 802-82: Use of University Facilities and Scheduling Campus Events

Relevant excerpt

1. For these events, the use of a Residential College facility requires the approval of the Master of that College.* The use of the facilities of the Athletic Department for an athletic event requires the approval of the Director of Athletics. The use of any other University facility for an event requires the approval of the Director of Student Activities.

2. A request for the use of a University facility (made in accordance with Section A-6 below) will be approved provided that a) the facility requested is available, adequate and appropriate for the proposed use at the time requested; b) the proposed use excludes fund solicitation or commercial solicitation other than the sale of official University items; c) the campus organization making the request is able to meet the financial obligations to be incurred by the proposed use; d) the proposed use will not constitute an immediate and actual danger to the peace or security of the University, its members, or participants in the use; e) the proposed use does not violate any federal, state or local law.

6. Requests for the use of a facility are to be made in person or in writing to the Master, the Director of Athletics or the Director of Student Activities, as appropriate (see Section A-1 above), no less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the proposed use.

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