University Policies: General Policies- Campus Demonstrations, Protests and Organized Expressions of Opinion

Relevant excerpt

Those wishing to organize or stage activities covered by this policy on any University property are required to contact the Rice University Police Department (RUPD) at least 48 hours in advance of the activity to request permission to hold the activity. Because RUPD is open at all hours and also plays a central role in safeguarding Rice’s community and property, it is the office designated by this policy to consult other appropriate Rice offices to discuss an event request and communicate the University’s decision on permission. Requests can be emailed to In the event of extraordinary circumstances, organizers of an activity covered by this policy may request permission to hold the event within the 48-hour notice window, but failure to provide the required notice at least 48 hours in advance may increase the probability that the activity may not be approved due to lack of sufficient time for necessary planning.

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