Standards of Student Conduct: Student Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

Relevant excerpt

Harassment is a form of discrimination which involves (1) unwelcome verbal, written, physical, or electronic conduct, (2) that is intended to cause or which could reasonably be expected to cause an individual or group to feel intimidated, demeaned, abused, or fearful, or to have concern for their personal safety, (3) because of a protected class when:

(a) the conduct is sufficiently severe or pervasive (meaning that the conduct is either of an extraordinarily severe or egregious nature or has been repeated with sufficient frequency or continuity); in other words, typically a single offense or occasional, episodic instances of offensive behavior will not qualify as severe or pervasive, but a single instance of severe egregiousness would, and

(b) the conduct objectively and subjectively has the effect of (1) unreasonably interfering with an individual’s equal access to education or (2) creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

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