Information Services: IS Resource Acceptable Use Policy

Relevant excerpt

Santa Clara University IT resources shall not be used for: … visiting, viewing or distributing Internet sites or materials that contain obscene, pornographic, profane or sexually explicit information, pictures, or cartoons; and publishing, displaying, transmitting, retrieving or storing inappropriate or offensive material. Such is expressly prohibited unless identified and pre-approved in writing by the Provost as part of legitimate research, teaching, or academic pursuits. Contact the Office of the Provost to request written pre-approval;

creating or distributing defamatory, false, inaccurate, abusive, threatening, racially offensive or otherwise biased, discriminatory or illegal material;

downloading, disseminating, storing, using, or printing materials in violation of copyright laws including articles, music, videos, games, and software; causing excessive congestion, overload or disruption of networks or systems, including the distribution of chain letters; illegal, threatening, or destructive purposes; creating or knowingly disseminating unwanted and unsolicited emails or materials (SPAM).

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