STAF 1.02 Carolinian Creed

Relevant excerpt

As a Carolinian, this introduction submits that membership in the Carolina Community is not without its obligations. It is assumed or understood that joining is evidence of a subscription to certain ideals and an agreement to strive for the level of achievement and virtue suggested by the following: … I will respect the dignity of all persons; A commitment to this ideal is inconsistent with behaviors which compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups, including hazing, most forms of intimidating, taunting, teasing, baiting, ridiculing, insulting, harassing, and discrimination… I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and their need for conditions which support their work and development; A commitment to this ideal is a pledge to be compassionate and considerate, to avoid behaviors which are insensitive, inhospitable, or which unjustly or arbitrarily inhibit other’s ability to feel safe or welcomed in their pursuit of appropriate academic goals… Allegiance to these ideals obligates each Carolinian to refrain from and discourage behaviors which threaten the freedom and respect all USC community members deserve.

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