STAF 3.23 Outdoor Event Registration

Relevant excerpt

University Policy designates four routine outdoor areas for use by individuals wishing to sponsor outdoor events on campus:
1. Designated areas in the front and back patios of Russell House University Union and adjacent Davis Field(s)
2. A designated area within the blocked-off area of Greene Street
3. A designated area of Pickens Street Bridge
4. A designated area of the Coliseum

These areas are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, through the Russell House Event Services Coordinator, for registered student organizations, academic units or university departments.
Events scheduled in these areas must comply with reasonable time, manner and place restrictions. Activities may not, under any circumstances, interfere with normal operations of the area. Events may be scheduled in these areas only during daylight with appropriate approval.

II. Procedure

A. All outdoor events in other areas of campus and in above designated area during dark hours must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Student Life (or designee).
B. Approval must be obtained a minimum of two weeks in advance, to allow proper notification and scheduling of support services.

D. The sponsoring organization of the event is responsible for all costs incurred by the university. These costs may include additional work, security, or personnel costs regulated by the Associate Vice President of Student Life (or designee).

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