Public Expression and Posting Procedures

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: Southeast Missouri State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: September 29, 2017

Relevant excerpt

Five free speech areas are designated on the University campus to provide unregulated free expression for students and other demonstrators (For these purposes, “demonstrators” means any person who is participating in legally protected expression). These areas are on the terraces outside Academic Hall, the fountain area and green space in front of Kent Library, outside Scully (to the south), in the Johnson/Rhodes/Magill quadrangle and the hillside on the southeast corner of the seminary building at the River Campus. Demonstrators may not impede the flow of pedestrian or automobile traffic, nor use amplification devices that disturb the peace. Nonstudent demonstrators shall limit their activities to these public places, unless they are sponsored and accompanied by a registered student organization or University department. For public safety reasons, the University requests that demonstrators notify the Department of Public Safety and/or the Dean of Students of their intentions.

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