Sexual Harassment Policies and Information — Appendices

Relevant excerpt

Following are some examples of conduct that may constitute hostile environment harassment:


(c) Repeated and unwelcome remarks, written notes, gestures, or jokes of a sexually suggestive nature, unwelcome remarks about a person's appearance, or gratuitous descriptions or requests for descriptions of personal sexual experiences or desires;

(d) The repeated and unwelcome use of belittling, demeaning, or abusive language with reference to the sex of a person or group, or the unwelcome, unreasonable, and offensive display of sexually suggestive or abusive objects, pictures, or illustrations, to the extent that such language or displays are prohibited by equal opportunity law and are not protected by academic freedom;

(e) Hazing, pranks, or other intimidating, harmful, or offensive sexual or nonsexual behaviors directed toward a person or group because of the sex of the person or group;

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