University Executive Directive #89-13- Time, Place and Manner: Use of Buildings and Grounds

Relevant excerpt

While freedom of expression is encouraged everywhere on campus, Malcolm X Plaza, located outside of the Cesar Chavez Student Center on the East side of the building, is the most common place where individuals and groups assemble to exercise the right of free expression, unless the space has already been prior reserved for a scheduled event or activity (See Section VIII, Reserving University Venues).

Freedom of expression activities may take place on campus with the following exceptions: inside parking lots and university buildings, and within 20 feet of any location in which instructional, educational and/or official business activities are being conducted.

There shall be no restrictions on legally protected free speech activity based on the content of such speech or expression, or on the political, religious or other affiliations of speakers.

Further, speech that is otherwise protected may not be disallowed solely because it is offensive, or because members of the audience find it offensive, even where such members react to the speech in a disruptive manner. In such circumstances, while there may be a legitimate need to take action against the disruptive members of the audience, the speech itself must be allowed to continue. This includes speech that is commonly referred to as “hate speech.”

Spontaneous events occasioned by news or issues coming into public knowledge may be held on campus without advance permission so long as they adhere to all University policies and the restrictions outlined above (see section V).

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