Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion: Support & Engagement- Bias Response

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How to report?

How to report?
Clicking on the Report Bias here link will take you to the SOU Cares Report where you have the ability to select the Hate/Bias Report type. This report will be submitted to the chair of the Bias Response Team who will then assemble the rest of the group to discuss the nature of the incident and reach out to the parties who are impacted. You can also meet with a member of the Bias Response Team to process the incident.
We recognize that incidents related to diversity and inclusion can be complicated and complex, so even if a member of the campus community (faculty, staff, student, or visitor) isn’t sure if what they experienced is bias, we encourage them to submit a report or talk to someone on the bias response team. In case of an emergency, we urge folks to contact Campus Public Safety at 541.552.6258.

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