Student Handbook: Computer and Communication Standards- Statement Concerning Social Media

Relevant excerpt

The “Campus Code of Conduct” outlines several principles including five core values: integrity, community, social justice, respect, and responsibility. These core values should be considered and observed while using social media platforms to avoid creating a hostile environment for other members of the campus community. Abusive behavior within a social media platform by a member of the campus community may violate the terms set forth in these agreements. Laws and Stockton policies governing inappropriate conduct such as sexual (or other) harassment, bullying and discrimination apply to social media, blogging and texting; see the University’s Discrimination Policies for employees and students for more details. In the Campus Code of Conduct, this is referred to as “Off Campus Actions and Behaviors”.

Please note, Stockton University does not routinely search social media for violations of University policy. If behavior that appears to be in violation of policy is brought to our attention, the report will be investigated to the extent practical.

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