Student Code of Conduct

Relevant excerpt

Statement of Principles

Intolerance and bigotry are antithetical to the values of the university, and unacceptable within the Rutgers community. [...]In order to reinforce institutional goals of nondiscrimination, tolerance, and civility, the following policy against verbal assault, defamation, and harassment is intended to inform students that the verbal assault, defamation, or harassment of others violates acceptable standards of conduct within the university. [...]
Verbal assault, defamation, ... interferes with the mission of the university. Each member of this community is expected to be sufficiently tolerant of others so that all students are free to pursue their goals in an open environment, able to participate in the free exchange of ideas, and able to share equally in the benefits of our educational opportunities.
Prohibited Conduct

Any of the following acts, even if communicative in nature, are prohibited "separation offenses" (charges that could lead to suspension or expulsion from the university...

Harassment, ... purposefully making or causing to be made a communication or communications offensively coarse language,...

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