Student Code of Conduct: Proscribed Conduct- Harassment

Category: Harassment Policies School: Boise State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: November 30, 2017

Relevant excerpt

A “hostile environment” is created if conduct is so severe, pervasive, or persistent that it creates an environment that would cause a reasonable person substantial emotional distress and undermine their ability to work, study, learn, or otherwise participate in University programs or services, and actually does cause the harassed person(s) these difficulties.

Harassment: A form of discrimination consisting of unwanted conduct. A violation occurs if unwanted conduct, by any means, is so severe, pervasive, or persistent so as to create a Hostile Environment, defined in Section 3. Harassing conduct may be verbal, written, visual, electronic or physical in nature, and include only one instance to be considered harassment. Harassment may include:
1. Verbal abuse or hostile behavior such as insulting, name calling, teasing, mocking, degrading or ridiculing another person or group, this may include comments distributed via or published on the internet;
2. Conduct that is physically offensive, harmful, threatening or humiliating such as impending or blocking movement, leering or staring;
3. Unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact such as kissing, hugging, pinching, patting, groping;
4. Physical assault or stalking

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