Student Conduct Code: Guidelines for the Protection of Student Rights 04-05

Relevant excerpt

Students alleged to have violated the following policies or committed the following acts, and others not listed, are subject to the disciplinary procedures found in this Code and any fines/actions associated with them:
Harassment and/or intimidation: engaging in conduct which threatens to cause physical harm to persons or damage to their property: making unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. This also covers harassment or intimidation of persons involved in a University disciplinary hearing and persons in authority.
9. Disorderly Conduct: Conduct causing inconvenience and/or annoyance which includes any action which can reasonably be expected to disturb the academic pursuits or to interfere with or infringe upon the privacy, rights, privileges, health or safety of members of the University community;
10. Inconsiderate behavior
28. Computer abuse: This includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism of programs, misuse of computer accounts, unauthorized destruction of files, creating illegal accounts, possession of unauthorized passwords, and disruptive or annoying behaviors on the computer....

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