Student Conduct Code: Harassment/Endangerment

Category: Bullying Policies, Harassment Policies School: University of Alabama at Birmingham Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: February 14, 2017

Relevant excerpt

e.    Harassment/Endangerment
Harassment/Endangerment that is defined as not being of a sexual nature includes:
i.      Any action, in action, or communication that may reasonably be perceived as unlawful, harassing, or threatening harm to another person or group.
ii.     Any attempt to intentionally and repeatedly make contact with a person over their stated objections, including, but not limited to, non-gender based stalking.
iii.    An act that invades the privacy of another person.
iv.   Bullying behaviors, which include infliction of physical or psychological distress by way of teasing, social exclusion, threats, intimidation, violence, theft, or destruction of property.
v.    Any targeted action or statement via social media, computer, or other data network that may reasonably be perceived as unlawful or threatening.

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