Student Handbook: Advertising & Posting

Relevant excerpt

Advertising and posting guidelines are established to aid in the distribution of information throughout campus. Advertising and Postings that violate these guidelines may result in the removal of the violating materials; suspension or termination of an organization’s recognition status; responsibility for cleanup/removal of materials in question; and/or referral to the Center for Honor Enrichment & Community Standards (CHECS).

Postings by Anchor Organizations and RSOs, that are in good standing with the Office of Student Activities, do not need approval before hanging on approved bulletin boards on campus.

Postings by individuals, regardless of university affiliation, must be approved by the Office of Scheduling, Event, and Conferences. This applies to academic, personal, or business solicitations.

The following information should be included on every campus posting/advertisement:  Name(s) of the sponsoring organization(s).  Contact information for sponsoring organization(s).

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