Student Handbook – Chapter 4 – Appearance Policy

Relevant excerpt

* While the professional appearance policy is in effect the following items are prohibited:
* Skirt length must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
* Excessively baggy pants are prohibited.
* Religious garb that deviates from the professional and/or business casual appearance policy must be approved by the dean, prior to the start of the term.
* Jewelry must be conservative and in good taste.
* No facial piercings should be visible
* No tattoos should be visible.

* The summer appearance policy is in effect April 1 through October 1. At this time the uniforms are not required for Travel-
Hospitality students. Male students do not have to wear a suit jacket or blazer, but are required to wear ties. Male students can
wear a short sleeve dress shirt with a tie. All other aspects of the appearance policy remain in effect.

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