Student Handbook – Policy on the Posting of Publicity and Announcements on Campus

Relevant excerpt

The following policies govern the posting of printed material on campus by students and/or individuals not associated with Rockford College:

* All written materials to be posted on bulletin boards, kiosks, and sidewalks (chalk messages only) must be approved by one of the following offices: Student Affairs, Student Development, Box Office, Calendar and Conferences, Athletics/PE, and/or College Relations.


* All voice mail messages must be approved and sent through either Student Development or College Relations.
* Authorization involves a review of the content of the item to be posted as well as instructions on where the item may be posted.
* Items may not include offensive language, offensive art work, references to alcohol, and/or references to illegal substances.

* No credit card solicitations and/or postings are permitted.
* No tobacco advertising/postings are permitted.
* No alcohol advertising/postings are permitted.
* Authorization involves a stamp of approval that includes the date when the item will be posted and the date when the item will be removed by the sponsoring group or individual.
* Whenever possible, original materials should be brought for approval before making multiple copies.
* Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Campus Life.

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