Student Handbook: Poster Policy

Relevant excerpt

The Kiosks, Bulletin Boards and Residence Halls on campus shall be used for the purposes of general posting by
the general public and campus community. To prevent damage only masking tape, tacks and staples shall be
used to affix an item for posting. An item posted cannot be duplicated on the space in which posted. To make
sure room is available on the Kiosks, Bulletin Boards and in the Residence Halls all postings may be removed at
the end of each semester to clear clutter off the boards. The university may remove any item that is in violation of the First Amendment limitations of Time, Place and Manner.

The above paragraph pertaining to the Bulletin Boards, however shall not apply to any bulletin board that is
expressly “reserved” for the University departmental or administrative purposes. No item shall be posted or
remain posted on any reserved board without the permission of the department head or administrative officer who has reserved the board. Department chairs, administrative officers or their staff, may remove any item posted on such reserved boards in violations of this paragraph.

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