Student Handbook: Rights and Responsibilities Article 13 03-04

Relevant excerpt

Students have a right to demonstrate dissent provided that all facets of the dissent ... do not in any way impede the normal business of the University or restrict the
rights of others. Demonstrations of dissent and assemblage to bring about institutional change shall be preceded by a statement which shall be presented to the University President before such
demonstration or assemblage occurs. The right to dissent, demonstrate, and assemble shall be considered to have been violated when as a result of such actions, ... classes are interrupted in an unwarranted fashion or forcibly disrupted, ... University buildings are occupied without the approval of the University authorities. Whenever any of these actions have occurred those demonstrating or assembled shall disperse immediately upon the request of the University President or his/her authorized representative. [...] In no case shall any action impede, interrupt, or otherwise interfere with the activities of any person or persons which are directly related to the normal business of the University as defined by the University

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