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The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville is committed to the maintenance of a community free from all forms of sexual
harassment. Sexual harassment violates University policy as well as state, federal, and local laws. It is neither permitted nor
condoned. The coverage of this policy extends to all faculty, researchers, staff, students, vendors, contractors, and visitors to the
Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual
nature when:
1. Submission to such conduct is an explicit or implicit condition of employment or academic success.
2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for an employment or academic decision; or
3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of
a. Unreasonably interfering with an individual's work or academic performance; or
b. Creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or academic environment.
While sexual harassment most often takes place where there is a power differential between the persons involved, it also may
occur between persons of the same status. Sexual harassment can occur on University premises or off campus at Universitysponsored
events. It can occur between members of the same gender as well as between members of different genders.

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