Student Handbook – Student Affairs

Relevant excerpt

2. Student Demonstrations.
Under the guarantees established by the first amendment of the United States Constitution, the College recognizes the right of students to freedom of expression within the limitations of local, state, and federal law as well as the rules and regulations of the College. As part of our democratic tradition, students are encouraged to study social issues and express their convictions as
responsible citizens. Any demonstrations must be conducted in an orderly manner and must observe the following limitations:
a. They shall not constrain vehicular or pedestrian traffic, nor interrupt class schedules, meetings, ceremonies or generally the educational process of the College.
b. They shall not be held within college buildings, the stadium, or athletic fields while college functions are in progress.
c. They shall not be allowed in the private residential areas of the campus.
d. They shall not use obscene language or actions.
A student who violates any of these regulations can be severely disciplined, possibly suspended. If several members of one organization violate these regulations, action may also be taken against the organization through the Student Government and the Student Life Subcommittee. To alleviate any possible misunderstanding of the rules as set forth, the college recommends that any student organization or group of students contemplating a demonstration inquire at the Office of Student Services about appropriate procedures.

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