Student Handbook: Violations of the Code of Student Conduct

Relevant excerpt

The Judiciary Committee shall exercise jurisdiction over and may discipline any student referred by the Dean of Student Affairs for the following violations of the College Code of Conduct which occur on the College campus, or at College sponsored activities away from the campus property, or at official functions of the College-chartered organizations.

1. Broadcasting, publishing or circulating defamatory information.


8. Recklessly, intentionally, or negligently, causing public disorder and indecency, including harassment, harassing communications, loitering, public intoxication, criminal surveillance ("Peeping Tom"), rioting or inclining to riot or any conduct that is unbecoming to the philosophy of Talladega College. (See Talladega College's policy on Sexual Harassment)


19. Disrespect shown toward any administrator, faculty, staff or Police Officer on or off campus.

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