Student Services – Event Policies 04-05

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College-Sponsored Speakers/Presenters
College-sponsored speakers or presenters are individuals or groups brought to the campus to benefit the entire college community and/or the Atlanta community must be sponsored by an officially recognized student organization or an official entity of the College. Campus Speaker/Presenter Request Forms are available in the Office of Campus Life. However, the presence of Public Safety may be required.

Sponsored Visits by Political Candidates
Morehouse College does not support political parties or individual candidates for political office. Consequently, visits by political candidates at the invitation of College departments, programs, or recognized student organizations are subject to rules established by the College to ensure that such visits are consistent with its mission and applicable legal restrictions. College departments, programs, and recognized organizations that want to sponsor appearances by political candidates must follow these rules.

1. In most instances where national candidates are involved, protocol mandates that the President of the College extend the official College invitation. For more information, contact the Office of Public Relations.

2. The purpose of any appearance by a candidate on campus should be to bring together the candidate and Morehouse College students, faculty, administrators, and other employees. Departments, programs, and recognized organizations may not sponsor or promote public campaign appearances on the Morehouse campus by candidates for political office.

3. Publicity should be limited to the Morehouse College community and handled by the Office of Public Relations. Posters may appear only on campus with the stamp of approval by the Office of Campus Life.

4. At no time should any aspect of the meeting or its format be dictated by or put under the control of the candidate, his or her representatives, or any outside organization.


8. Any College department, program, or recognized organization that sponsors an appearance by a political candidate is responsible for ensuring that the candidate and his or her organization are furnished with a copy of these rules and that they abide by them. If a candidate or organization is unwilling to abide by these rules, they should not be brought to campus.

9. No College department, program, or recognized organization may lend its or the College's name or support to any off-campus political campaign activity. This is not intended to prevent individual students, faculty members, or employees from engaging in political campaign activities off-campus, but to prevent the College's name from being used in connection with political campaign activities.

Organizations that fail to abide by the rules not only may jeopardize their organization's privilege to sponsor future appearances, but possibly their own good standing or charter as well.

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