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One form of harassment is unwelcome verbal or physical conduct based on sex that, because of its severity, persistence, and/or pervasiveness, creates a hostile environment by interfering significantly with an individual’s work or education, or adversely affecting an individual’s living conditions.

The conduct alleged to constitute harassment under this policy must be sufficiently severe, persistent, and/or pervasive to actually interfere with the complainant’s work, education, or living conditions to a significant degree. The severity, persistence, and/or pervasiveness of the alleged conduct will also be evaluated from the perspective of a reasonable person similarly situated to the complainant and in consideration of the context of the behavior.

Examples of conduct that may constitute sex/gender-based harassment include:

  • Continued unwelcome questioning about intimate or personal matters
  • Unwelcome touching or physical acts of a sexual nature
  • Severe or pervasive comments or jokes of a sexual nature
  • Severe or pervasive unwelcome comments or conduct regarding an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Sending emails that contain extreme or persistent sexual messages, images, or language
  • Repeated derogatory comments of a non-sexual nature relating to a particular sex/gender generally and targeted to (as) specific individual(s) of that sex/gender
  • Sex/gender-based violence — non-sexual physical assault of an individual because of the individual’s sex or gender

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