Tennessee Board of Regents – Policy 3:01:01:00 [Student Organizations – Membership]

Relevant excerpt

C. No student organization shall deny membership to any person on the basis of age, race, sex, religion, handicap or national origin, provided that social fraternities and sororities may have sex restricted membership, subject to the following exceptions:

  1. No TBR institution that grants recognition to any student organization shall discriminate against or deny recognition to a student organization, or deny to a student organization access to programs, funding, or facilities otherwise available to another student organization, on the basis of:
    a. The religious content of the organization’s speech including, but not limited to, worship; or
    b. The organization’s exercise of its rights pursuant to subsection 2.
  2. A religious student organization may determine that the organization’s religious mission requires that only persons professing the faith of the group and comporting themselves in conformity with it qualify to serve as members or leaders.

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