Tips for Student Programmers

Relevant excerpt

In advertising programs or events, make sure the graphics represent the diversity of our students and use non-sexist, non-racist language.

Remember that appreciation of differences programming or education must take place all year - not only winter term!

When advising social committees, work with them to ensure that the diversity checklist is used for all programs.

Use community bulletin boards to celebrate a specific culture - ask residents to become involved in this project. While this culture is being highlighted on the board, offer programs or study breaks that highlight the history, music, art, poetry, food, or dress from that specific culture.

When planning activities during traditional Christian holidays, make a commitment not to 'mask' a Christmas party by leaving out 'Christ' or holy words. Students will know that in essence the party is meant to celebrate Christmas. Instead, try non-traditional ideas and celebrate all holidays.

Make a personal commitment to hold students accountable for their words or actions that denigrate or dehumanize other students, including jokes or stories which are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

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