Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures: 2.05.11- Sexual Harassment Policy

Relevant excerpt

The University’s sexual harassment policy is designed to apply to employment and academic relationships among faculty, administrators, staff, and students and prohibits opposite-sex (male-to-female, female-to-male), and same-sex (female-to-female, male-to-male) harassment. Every employee of the University must avoid offensive or inappropriate sexual and/or sexually harassing behavior at work.

Texas Southern University has adopted and incorporated the regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and case law that define sexual harassment and hostile work environment harassment. Prohibited conduct and activities include: …

5. Any verbal or physical conduct that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment; and

6.   Certain conduct in the workplace, whether physical or verbal, committed by supervisors or non-supervisory personnel, including but not limited to references to an individual’s body; use of sexually degrading words to describe an individual; offensive comments; off-color language or jokes; innuendoes; and sexually suggestive objects or behavior, books, magazines, photographs, cartoons or pictures.

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