Student Handbook: Gatherings, Demonstrations, Protests, and Disturbances

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: Tufts University Statement Rating: Green Last updated: September 11, 2017

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Tufts believes free inquiry and expression are indispensable in attaining the goals of the university. Without freedom of expression, Tufts community members cannot fully share their knowledge or test ideas through open debate and criticism. Without freedom of inquiry, community members cannot search for new knowledge or challenge conventional wisdom.

Toward this end, Tufts encourages members of the university community to develop the ability to exercise critical judgment, and supports the rights of individuals to express their views and opinions. The university respects the rights of members of the Tufts community to peaceful and unobstructive demonstrations for the purpose of expressing and discussing ideas and opinions, and seeks to ensure reasonable time, place, and manner for such expression.

Tufts University has long recognized that the right to protest and demonstrate does not include the right to engage in conduct that disrupts the university’s operations or endangers the safety of others.  Tufts expects its members to be respectful of the rights of fellow students, faculty, staff and others so that everyone can participate in the life of the community free from disruption, interference or harassment.

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