Student Handbook: Free Speech Areas

Relevant excerpt

Designated free speech areas are available to TWU students, faculty, staff and members of the community.  The designated areas may be used for, but are not limited to, the expression of personal politics, philosophy, religious viewpoints, surveys, or announcements. …

In order to provide an area that will support the climate and conditions for teaching, research, and community service, the University has designated the following free speech areas:


  • Area between Student Union and ACT
  • Grassy area between Library and Institutional Development
  • Grassy area behind Library by the footbridge
  • Grassy area south of the Fine Arts Building on the corner of Texas and Oakland
  • Student Union Patio (only area to allow amplified sound on Denton Campus)


  • Sidewalk between West entrance stairwell and loading dock on Old Main Street


  • Sidewalk area between Parking Garage and Main Entrance.

Other areas on all campuses may also be utilized by departments or organizations for similar activities; however, reservations are required.  Requests for other outdoor areas are made through Conference Services, University Housing, or the Student Union for the Denton campus; or the Student Life Offices on the Dallas and Houston Campus.  A reservation is contingent upon the approval process.

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