Student Housing Living Guide: Decorations and Room Modifications

Category: Posting and Distribution Policies School: University of Alaska Southeast Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: January 26, 2018

Relevant excerpt

While students are permitted and encouraged to decorate their personal space in a way that is reflective of their personality, interests, and self-expression, decorations that may be offensive or obscene may not be displayed in an area that others can see without entering the personal living space of the roommate or neighbor. For instance, political or religious propaganda that may be offensive to others, as well as sexually explicit material or profane images, should be kept on walls or surfaces within bedrooms rather than being displayed on doors and walls that can be seen in the hallway or in the common living areas of the apartment or suite. Additionally, such materials should not be displayed in windows or on exterior doors or hallway bulletin boards that subject passersby to the images or material. Students should be aware that offensive materials made visible to others may make for an uncomfortable or hostile living environment, and might even constitute harassment. Ultimately, the Residence Life Staff may remove such materials that are readily visible to others, or ask residents to do so.

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