Board Policy 412: Computer Use

Relevant excerpt

Inappropriate Uses

Faculty, staff, and students must use good judgment in the use of all computing resources, including but not limited to Internet access and e-mail use. Computing and telecommunications may be used only for legal purposes and may not be used for any purpose that is illegal, unethical, dishonest, or likely to subject the university to liability.

Inappropriate uses of computing resources at the university include, but are not limited to, the following:
● No one shall use the university’s computing resources to transmit fraudulent, defamatory, or obscene messages, or any material prohibited by law;
● No one shall use the university’s computing and network resources to: (a) harass or threaten another person, including but not limited to, by conveying obscene language or images or threats of bodily harm; (b) repeatedly contact another person to harass, whether or not an actual message is communicated, and the recipient has expressed a desire for the contact to cease; (c) repeatedly contact another person regarding a matter for which one does not have a legal right to communicate (such as debt collection), once the recipient has provided reasonable notice that he or she desires such contact to cease; (d) disrupt or damage the academic, research, administrative, or related pursuits of another person, or (e) invade the privacy, academic or otherwise, of another person or threaten such an invasion;

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