University Regulation 4.0293: Use of University Facilities by the Campus Community

Relevant excerpt

UPDATE: Following a detailed review of the statute and the regulation, it is determined that the following provision(s) of University Regulation UCF-4.0293 are superseded by Fla. Stat. 1004.097 and, therefore, no longer in force or effect:
– Paragraph (2)
– Paragraph (4)(a)
– Paragraph (4)(e)
– Paragraph (4)(f)

All other provisions of the regulation remain in full force and effect and will be enforced by the University.


(4) University and University-related organizations and persons may organize, conduct, or participate in demonstrations and other exercises of free speech and assembly on University grounds, except: (a) Grounds immediately adjacent to University residential facilities; (b) Grounds associated with the Burnett House; (c) Athletic and recreational fields, including any facilities operated by the Recreation and Wellness Center; (d) Grounds immediately adjacent to University buildings where such use could impair entrance to or exit from the building or interfere with activities within the buildings; (e) Grounds within 200 feet of the Creative School for Children; (f) Walkways and sidewalks on the Orlando campus within the boundaries of Gemini Boulevard (except to the extent approved for use as part of a parade or march reviewed through the SAFE process – see Regulation UCF-4.0292)

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