Freedom of Expression Policy

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Except to the extent provided in Sec. I.B. below, any member of the University community that engages in expressive activity at a campus location must submit a request for reservation of that location.

B. Spontaneous Campus Expression

1. Free Expression Areas: To accommodate the need for immediate and spontaneous demonstration and to better facilitate the free exchange of ideas, the University has also designated “Free Expression Areas” for speeches and demonstrations in high visibility areas. These areas are the Tate Student Center Plaza, the Memorial Hall Plaza, and the Tate Student Center North West Lawn (adjacent to the flagpole and the front of the Miller Learning Center), which are available for this purpose between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Although it is not necessary, for students and other University affiliated speakers, to request a reservation for use of the Free Expression Area for the purposes of expression, the University encourages all parties to contact the Associate Dean of Students for scheduling to minimize reservation conflicts and best accommodate all interested users. Groups of ten (10) or more persons wishing to gather in the Free Expression Areas at times other than the hours noted above are required to provide notice by calling the University Police Shift Commander at (706) 542-2200.

2. Members of the University Community may also engage in spontaneous expressive activity without a reservation in publicly accessible areas of campus other than the designated Free Expression Areas only if the spontaneous expressive activity:

a. is prompted by news or affairs coming into public knowledge less than forty-eight hours prior to such event;
b. is not planned more than 24 hours in advance, making it impractical to make a reservation in accordance with Section I.A., above;
c. takes place in open, generally accessible outdoor areas of campus;
d. adheres to the time, place, and manner restrictions set forth in Section C, below; and
e. involves less than ten (10) persons; provided, however, that if the spontaneous expressive activity involves ten (10) or more persons, the expressive activity may continue only if immediate notice is provided to the Associate Dean of Students by calling (706) 542-7774 during normal business hours. If the spontaneous expressive activity occurs after normal business hours or on weekends, immediate notice must be provided by calling the University Police Shift Commander at (706) 542-2200.

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