Title IX: Sex Discrimination & Harassment: Sexual Harassment Brochure

Category: Harassment Policies School: University of Georgia Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: May 21, 2018

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What is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct based on sex or gender stereotypes that is:
• Implicitly or explicitly, a term or condition of employment, or status in a course, program or activity; OR
• A basis for employment/educational decisions; OR
• Has the purpose or effect of:
• interfering with one’s work or educational performance; or
• creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or learning environment; or
• interfering with/limiting one’s ability to participate in or benefit from an institutional program or activity.

Examples of sexual harassment:
Unwelcome conduct that may constitute sexual harassment when sufficiently severe or pervasive includes, without limitation:

• Sexual remarks, jokes, anecdotes or physical gestures
• Requests or propositions of a sexual nature
• Comments (either complimentary or insulting) about a person’s physique, clothing, gender, or sexual/romantic activity or preferences

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