Policy PER 1.10: Discriminatory Harassment

Relevant excerpt

The following are examples of behavior that should be reported for review under this policy:

* Frequent taunting on the basis of an individual’s association with people of a particular national origin or race;
* The oral use of offensive epithets, slurs, or comments aimed at a particular person or group, or the use of offensive gestures, pictures, body parts, drawings, and other items based on age, color, disability, gender (whether or not sexual in nature), national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status;
* Teasing or mocking a person with a disability whether mental or physical;
* Ridiculing a person’s religious beliefs;
* Persisting in requests for dates after being told they are unwelcome;
* Evaluating an employee or student more critically than performance warrants because the employee or student objected to a sexual advance (refer to consensual relations policy);
* Sending unwelcome mail, voice mail or e-mail containing derogatory jokes or comments;
* Displaying or sending mail, email, web sites or voice mail that are pornographic in nature;
* Touching that goes beyond acceptable workplace or classroom interaction, meaning that a reasonable person would find it objectionable;
* Repeated references to sex in the classroom or class assignments when there is no relationship between the reference and the content of the course.

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