University Space Use Policy: Protest and Demonstration – Procedures and Response Guidelines

Relevant excerpt

1. Space Limitations

The university recognizes several locations that by tradition or policy are available for public assembly, demonstrations, and free speech. UMass Boston recognizes the following locations:

 University Entrance – The grass area on the south side of University Drive beginning at the Morrissey Boulevard main entrance to the University grounds, for a distance of approximately 200 yards up to the first bend in the roadway.
 Plaza – The central plaza area (between the Science, Healey Library and Quinn Administration buildings) or the plaza between the Campus Center and the Science Building.
 Campus Center Lawn – Front of the Campus Center down to the waterfront
 University Hall Courtyard – Between the Campus Center and University Hall
 Campus Center Terrace – Indoor demonstrations will not be permitted if they cause disruption of or
interference with instructional activities and other University business and campus events.

2. Advance Space Arrangements

To further the effectiveness of each event, departments, registered student organizations and external entities organizing a protest or demonstration are required to make advance space arrangements with the Office of Event Services. Any request to hold a protest or demonstration should be made 5 days in advance, in accordance with existing space request and reservation policies.

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