Regulations on the Use of University Facilities and Grounds

Relevant excerpt

While UNO property is not open to unrestricted public access, many spaces are available for use by faculty and staff, students, student groups, and members of the public, with appropriate approval and when scheduled in advance. It is the policy of UNO that spaces in its facilities offer a positive, safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. The primary purpose of these facilities is to conduct the business of UNO’s education, research and public service missions.

Designated Public Forums have been designated as open for expressive applications to the campus community and the community at large.

All individuals or groups, including UNO students, faculty, staff, and University Groups, wishing to use University facilities classified as a Designated Public Forum Area or Facility (see Definitions) will submit a completed Application for Facility Use form to the appropriate scheduling authority sufficiently in advance, with a recommendation of 30 or more business days before the activity, and provide all information required for administrative review of the proposed activity.

Designated Public Forum Areas or Facilities are identified as the Pep Bowl and the outdoor plaza located south of the Milo Bail Student Center on the Dodge Campus, the PKI Plaza, Mammel Hall plaza on the Scott Campus, and certain outdoor areas near Baxter Arena.

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