Student Handbook: Campus Speakers Policy

Relevant excerpt

Lawful and peaceful demonstration as an expression is permitted and protected. On the other hand, the University will not tolerate substantial disruption to its educational mission. Substantial disruption is defined to include any activity which, contrary to law: …“hate violence,” meaning any act of physical intimidation or physical harassment, physical force or physical violence, or the threat of physical force or physical violence, that is directed against any person or group, or the property of any person or group because of the ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or political or religious beliefs of that person or group. (Acts shall not be considered “hate violence” based on speech alone, except upon a showing that the speech itself threatens violence against a specific person or group, that the person or group against whom the threat is directed reasonably fears that the violence will be committed because of the speech, and that the person threatening violence had the apparent ability to carry out the threat.)

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